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EPM Tools - Hepatitis Screening
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Here is the new template for Hepatitis screening.   Based on the new recommendations, there are three different scenarios for screening.  They are listed on the template in order of increasing “clinical significance.”   

The three screening scenarios are:

  1. Routine Baby Boomer Screening
  2. Potential Exposure or Possible Symptoms
  3. Risk Factors for Infection

When you click on either Hepatitis C or Hepatitis Panel on the lab template, the following will open and help you choose the correct test. 

The criteria for each testing scenario are listed down the left-hand side.  When you select one of those criteria it will choose the appropriate scenario on the right hand side. 

Also, the computer will automatically check off the factors down the left-hand-side for the ones it can such as age, and HIV or Dialysis diagnosis. 

When you close the template, you will go back to the main lab template and it will automatically choose the correct Hepatitis test along with the appropriate screening diagnosis in the background.  This will only pop-up one time so that if you want to manually override the results it will allow you to do so without getting the pop-up a second time.

There are several factors listed down the left-hand side which the computer can automatically select for you based on the patient’s age and/or chronic problem list. 

When one or more is selected, you can simply close the template and it will order the correct tests for you.  Additionally, you may check off additional factors down the left-hand side or you may just chose your scenario on the right-hand side. 

Choose one or more risk factors to determine the correct scenario automatically.

Or, simply chose the testing scenario that you desire for screening.

Based on which scenario of you choose, the CPT Code and the ICD-10 Code is chosen automatically.  The following are the codes chosen for each of the scenarios.

Scenario 1

Order Choice - Hepatitis C Screening
CPT Code - 86803
Diagnosis – Z11.59 – “Encounter for screening of other viral diseases”

Scenario 2

Order Choice – Hepatitis Panel
CPT Code - 80074
Diagnosis – Z20.5 – “Contact with or suspected exposure to hepatitis”

Scenario 3

Order Choice - Hepatitis C Screening
CPT Code - 86803
Diagnosis – Z72.89 – “Encounter for Hepatitis C screening for high-risk patient”