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I Care Initiative - Initiative for Comprehensive Advanced Healthcare Resources for the Elderly
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SETMA since its inception in 1995 has been providing high quality healthcare to local residents in nursing homes. Under the auspices of the Late Dr Mark Wilson a system was created where he and his partners would make routine visits to long-term care facilities and do clinical- decision-making based on the technologies and resources available at the time.

In our constant desire to improve quality and safety, and to make available the latest and best resources available to our patients, the iCARE  initiative was launched in 2011. I-CARE stands for Initiative for Comprehensive Advanced Healthcare Resources for the Elderly.

SETMA realized that Nursing home residents require the most care as they usually have the most ailments and unfortunately have the least resources available to them in the community and consequently are living in the nursing facilities.

Applying the rules of “Patient centeredness”( SETMA is the only certified “patient centered medical home” in the Southeast Texas and we currently have accreditation from three agencies and will soon have accreditation from all four) ) and under the Leadership of Dr. Anwar, Dr Leifeste and Dr Aziz for the first time in the history of Southeast Texas a dedicated team was made comprising of Nurse Practititioners, Family Practitioners, Internists and Geriatricians to improve the care delivered in nursing facilities. The i-CARE team uses their systems by routinely visiting each Nursing facility and using their award-winning electronic medical records to document that care.  The EMR is used to access every patients needs.  The EMR incorporates laboratory, imaging and hospital data which takes clinical integration and clinical decision making to a level never seen in this area of medicine.

The EMR also brought to bear advanced clinical tools to manage difficult clinical conditions and thus addressing the unique needs of long-term, residential-care patients, including assessment tools for:

In order to accomplish this SETMA provides:

  • A level-two reference laboratory
  • Access to laboratory results for nursing home patients
  • Mobile X-ray and EKG services
  • 24 Hour a Day, Seven days a week response to emergent needs
  • A newly deployed e-mail access for communication with the I-CARE Team.
  • A community-wide Health Information Exchange, which is presently connected with one hospital but within the year will be connected with all nursing homes, hospitals, medical practices, Altus Hospice and other healthcare agencies.
  • NextMD which is a secure web portal which will supplement the capacities of SETMA's website
  • A hospital, inpatient support team which provides "transitions of care" documents to nursing homes when their residents return from the hospital with
  • Complete orders for nursing home care
  • Reconciled Medications
  • Detailed summary of hospital course and testing performed

These tools are used not only by SETMA providers but for the also the nursing staff at the facilities thus raising medical care standards and integration between SETMA providers and NH staff to unprecedented levels.

SETMA i-CARE team also made sure that there is redundancy in the system i.e. each Nursing facility has more than one provider covering so there are no gaps in coverage and also in constant contact with the SETMA Hospital inpatient team which covers all the area hospitals 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It is our privilege and honor to take care of your loved ones with best healthcare team aided with best technology resources there is to offer. Please contact us through via email, phone or website.