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Dr. James Holly, MD
Dr. James L. Holly

Southeast Texas Medical Associates, LLP was founded in 1995 by James L. Holly, M.D. and Mark A. Wilson, M.D. Their desire was to form a group practice and design a healthcare delivery system which would integrate all of the various components of a family's health needs in a multi-specialty setting. They took the best of the old healthcare-delivery system, which has provided outstanding care to Southeast Texas for decades, and merged it with a new technological approach . Since its founding, SETMA has embraced the Triple Aim, first enunciated by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) which states that the goals of healthcare transformation are “improved care, improved health and lower cost.”

SETMA adopted the Triple Aim and translated it into the SETMA Way and The SETMA Model of Care as “improved processes of healthcare delivery, improved outcomes of healthcare, with both existing in a sustainable systems approach.” SETMA is committed to maintain the health of our patients, maintaining quality of life for our patients and to do this is in a cost-effective way.
Dr. Mark Wilson, MD
Dr. Mark A. Wilson
In memorium

Since its founding, SETMA has expanded to become a true multi-specialty clinic. SETMA has six clinical locations with a seventh expect in 2014.  SETMA’s clinics are integrated electronically with the same electronic medical record, and digital telephone system. With state-of-the-art security (see and, SETMA providers have access to patient records at all area hospitals, emergency departments, nursing homes, as well as from all SETMA providers’ homes and clinics.

SETMA’s Hospital Care Team providers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, personalized attention to SETMA patients in area hospitals. All patients’ safety is protected through the availability of all patient information. SETMA’s award winning disease management programs afford our patients evidenced-based, best practices at all points of care. In addition, SETMA’s five-year-history (2009-2013) of public reporting by provider name of provider performance on over 300 quality metrics at allows our patients to compare their care at SETMA with any other clinics which transparently does the same.

As SETMA has grown and developed, we adopted the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PC-MH) approach to healthcare. With National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Tier III PC-MH recognition, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)  accreditation and URAC PC-MH Accreditation as a medical home, SETMA brings the best technology as well as the best patient-centered care to our patients.

In 2008, the partners of SETMA formalized The SETMA Foundation through which we can assist our patients in obtaining the care they need. Annually, the SETMA partners have contributed $500,000 to the Foundation. None of the Foundation’s resources can profit SETMA but is only used to provide payment for care outside of SETMA, for SETMA patients, when it is needed. As of this revision, January 2015, the partners of SETMA are: Dr. James L. Holly and others.

The partners and executive management of SETMA have also formed the following:

  • A Coordination of Care Department which insures that all care is convenient as possible and consistent with the patient’s needs.
  • A Management Team which continuously improves the services available to SEMTA’s patients.
  • A long-term residual care team named “I-CARE” which insures our patients the best of care when they require residential care.
  • A Diabetes Center of Excellence at Southeast Texas Medical Associates, LLP. Joslin Diabetes Center was founded in 1898 in Boston Massachusetts and is associated with Harvard Medial School.
  • A team which can respond to all of the challenges facing healthcare including Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records, deployment of ICD-10 coding and SNOMED, new billing requirements under HIPAA Standards ASC X12 version 5010 and more.
  • Deployment of a secure web portal, NextMD, through which our patients can access significant parts of their medical record in a secure environment.
  • A Health Information Exchange (HIE) through which we hope to help connect all medical practices and all healthcare organizations in a community partnership.
  • An Infusion Center through which SETMA patients can receive convenient and cost-effect care for medications which must be given intravenously. 

SETMA’s Achievements are documented on our website under:

  1. Awards - numerous national recognitions of SETMA’s innovative work
  2. In-The-News - over 160 articles published in national magazines about SETMA
  3. Letters - important correspondence with national leaders and organizations which document SETMA growth and development
  4. Presentations - over 50 major presentations at natonal meetings in which SETMA has addressed healthcare policy, healthcare innovation, informatics, healthcare analytics and other forward looking initiatives
  5. Your Life Your Health - for fourteen years, SETMA has published a weekly healthcare column in the Beaumont Examiner. All of those articles are published on our website.
  6. Public Reporting - since 2009, SETMA has publicly reported provider performance by name on over 250 quality metrics. We invite and encourage our patients and our community to review this material. It is used by SETMA leadership in three-hour, monthly meetings where all SETMA providers and leadership gather to discuss ways in which we can improve our care.
  7. Electronic Patient Management Tools (EPM)- Since 1999, SETMA has realized that electron patient records was not the proper goal. The leveraging of the power of electronics to improve care through tracking, auditing, analyzing, and reporting of performance is. All of the tools which SETMA has designed are described and explained here.
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