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Transforming Your Practice - Introduction to SETMA’s TCPI Library
Print this page has been modified to provide a resource for CMS' Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI).    This program is intended to effect significant change in the practices of 140,000 primary care providers.  The most challenging part of the TCPI is that the nature of   transformation, as opposed to reform is that each person’s and each primary care practice’s process of transformation will be somewhat unique and the product will also be unique. 

The absence of uniformity and/or standardization will make it difficult to measure outcomes; however, that is the price we pay for promoting and valuing transformation.  The more regimentation and/or standardization in process the less generative energy and creative outcomes will be produced.  This website is a description of SETMA’s transformative process.  It is hoped that it will help others with their process analysis and ultimate with their unique transformation.  This is not presented as a road map to be followed but as a journal for our unique journey as you prepare your trip.

It is our hope that this will benefit you, if in no other way than for you to know that others have achieved radical transformation which has benefited our patients, our practices and our performance.  The only cost for your using this resource is the time and energy you will expend to understand its content.  There is no monetary cost.  Best wishes to you in your journey.

There are 22 sections to the Transforming Your Practice (TCPI) library of materials provided for this initiative.  The first three sections are:

  1. The Introduction to SETMA's TCPI Library, this is the one-page introduction which you are presently reading.
  2. The second section is entitled Transforming Your Practice (TCPI) -- this is the overview and philosophical underpinnings which is SETMA's "offer" to CMS for the TCPI Initiative.  It is an 88-page introduction to the site (see Transforming Your Practice in pdf format). Pages 49-88 is an annotated list of the content of the library.  
  3. Summary To Entire TCPI.  This a two part summary of the entire library:

The following are links into the remaining 19 sections of the library:

  1. CMS Quality 12.2015 TCPI
  2. Leadership and Governance
  3. Care Coordination
  4. HIPPA and Security
  5. Data Analytics
  6. Care Transitions
  7. LESS Initiative
  8. Medical Records
  9. Clinical Decision Support
  10. Hospital Care Tools
  11. Disease Management Tools
  12. Preventive Health Tools
  13. Behavioral Health
  14. Transformation Tools
  15. New Transformation Tools
  16. Patient-Centric Care
  17. Nursing Home
  18. Medical Home
  19. Display and Explanation of SETMA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home Tools

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