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Patients - SETMA’s Website Privacy Policy
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SETMA is very sensitive to privacy issues. The purpose of this Website Privacy Policy is to let you know how we handle the information we receive from you through this website.  This Website Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected through other means such as by telephone or in person, although that information is protected by other privacy policies.

Cookies and non-personal information

"Non-personal information" means information that does not permit us to specifically identify you by your full name or similar unique identifying information such as a social security number, member identification number, address or telephone number.  SETMA uses "cookie" technology and similar technology to gather non-personal information from our website visitors such as which pages are used and how often they are used, and to enable certain features on this website.

You may disable these cookies and similar items by adjusting your browser preferences on your computer at any time; however, this may limit your ability to take advantage of all the features on this website. Keep in mind that cookies are not used to collect any personal information and do not tell us who you are.

We may also collect other forms of non-personal information such as what web browsers are used to read our website and what websites are referring traffic or linking to our website. Aggregate and de-identified data regarding website users is also considered non-personal information.

With whom is non-personal information shared?

Because non-personal information does not identify who you are, we do not limit the ways we may use or share non-personal information.  However, at this time SETMA does not and has no plans to share this information with anyone.

Personal information provided by you

"Personal information" means information that specifically identifies you as an individual, such as your full name, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, or certain account numbers.  We currently do not have any functions on this website that require you to enter this type of information.  Nor do we gather or store any information that could personally identify you.  We do have a general contact email posted under “Contact Us”, but we encourage you to not use it to discuss medical issues.

You understand and specifically agree that we may use personal information that you provide to contact you through any contact information you provide through this website, including any email address, telephone number, cell phone number, text message number, or fax number.

With whom is personal information gathered through the website shared?

No one outside of SETMA.

Website and information security

Due to the nature of the Internet and on-line communications, we can not guarantee that any information transmitted on-line will remain absolutely confidential, and we are not liable for the illegal acts of third parties such as criminal hackers.

E-mail communications

E-mail, including any e-mail functionality on our site, does not provide a secure or confidential means of communication. It is possible that your e-mail communication may be accessed or viewed inappropriately by another Internet user while in transit to us. If you wish to keep your information completely private, you should not use e-mail.  We may send e-mail communications to you regarding topics such as general health benefits, website updates, health conditions, and general health topics.

Effective date

The Effective Date of this Privacy Policy is September 13th, 2012.

Changes to this Website Privacy Policy

We may change this Website Privacy Policy. If we do so such change will appear on this page of our website or in another location as indicated by us. It is your responsibility to review the Website Privacy Policy each time you use this website. By continuing to use this website, you consent to any changes to our Website Privacy Policy.