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Governance Board - Effectively Manages all programs, services or sites
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Appendix E
Governance Board
LD.04.01.05  The organization effectively manages
the programs, services or sites

All of SETMA’s six sites have the same programs and services.  All are managed by the same information systems, all have the same digital telephone systems and all have the same EHR.  As a consequence, the management and auditing of:

  • Referrals
  • Audits of provider performance
  • Audits of missed appointments
  • Audits of provider work flow content including laboratory results, telephone calls being answered
  • Audits of patient satisfaction
  • Audits of preventive and screening health services
  • Follow-up telephone call
  • Care Coordination functions
  • Auditing of performance of call center, appointments, patient information
  • IMRC - Inpatient Medical Records Census monitoring

are done uniformly over all sites.

SETMA’s Principles and Ethical Standard as stated in May, 1996:

“As I have often told you, this is not a religious organization and you do not have to believe what I have said in order to be a part of this organization.  Nevertheless, I do want you to know that the benefits which you are receiving through SETMA, LLP are a product of God’s blessing.  I also want you to know that I believe that those benefits and blessings will continue as long as we do not forget the Lord in not keeping His commandments.  For SETMA, LLP “keeping His commandments” means:

  • Being true to the founding principles which the associates wrote into the corporate documents.
  • Being true to our motto of “Health Care Where Your Health is the Only Care.”
  • Being true to the associates’ commitment to “do good while we are doing well.”
  • Humbly acknowledging all of those who have made us successful, and that particularly being God Himself.
  • Treating everyone with whom we deal, whether colleague, co-worker, client, customer or company, with dignity, courtesy and kindness.
  • Avoiding profanity in both our language and in our “use” of others.

“In SETMA, LLP, we have an opportunity to do something really important, which is much more than just making money.  We have the opportunity to show Southeast Texas that respect for the dignity of every individual and a desire to do good for others are not inconsistent with prosperity.  At strategic moments in this corporation’s life, we have prayed for God’s wisdom and favor.  He has abundantly given both, for which we give Him thanks, and publicly acknowledge His grace and mercy.

SETMA is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-national and multi-faith practice as to providers and colleagues and as to patients.  We respect the beliefs and practices of each person at SETMA.  No one will ever be required to express their faith or to have a faith in order to be a successful participant in SETMA.  As a secular organization, we will show respect to all faiths or to no faith.  As a Christian, I express my ethics in the vocabulary and context of my faith and I invite you to express yours in the vocabulary and context of your faith.

“In a recent letter, I said:

“As a Christian business man, I am very sensitive to maintaining biblical standards in my medical practice.  As the CEO of the largest, private, primary health care group in Southeast Texas, I am careful to make certain that no activity of this partnership violates God’s standards, to the best of my ability.  Our corporate documents include prohibitions preventing anyone in this practice from ever performing an abortion, referring a patient for an abortion, or recommending an abortion.  We also have prohibitions against beverage alcohol being used in any meeting, gathering, dinner, luncheon, banquet, picnic, or barbecue sponsored by, paid for by or associated with Southeast Texas Medical Associates, LLP.

“Southeast Texas Medical Associates, LLP maintains three standards of measuring any decision, all three must be met before we undertake any action. 

  1. “First, we ask the question, ‘Is it legal?’ - this involves ethics.  If an action is not legal, we need go no further in our evaluation; we will not do it. 
  2. “But, even if an action is legal, we are not yet at the point of decision; we move to the second step of our evaluation, which applies a higher standard.  We ask the question, ‘Is it right?’ - this involves equity, i.e., is it fair to all parties. 
  3. “However, even if a decision is right, this does not get us to a final decision.  Before we decide anything, we go one step further and ask the question, ‘Is it righteous,’ - this involves eternity.  If it is not righteous, no matter how legal and right an action may be, Christians should not be involved in it. 

“If an action is not ethical, equitable and eternally acceptable, we do not enter into any business agreement.  Thus far, God has blessed our practice beyond our comprehension.”

“God bless you.  It is my prayer today, as it is each time I sign your pay check, that your association with SETMA, LLP will be the best occupational experience of your life, and that it will be an experience which will encourage you in your life’s journey and in your life’s choices.