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Letters - Dr. Bill Henrich’s Final Response To Dr and Mrs James L. Holly
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Dear Larry,

Thank you for assembling so carefully the many memorable elements of the event in Beaumont.    For me and for those of us who were able to attend, it was a not-to-be-missed evening for an exceptional person.  Also, speaking again for myself, it was an honor to be asked to speak at such an important occasion.

As we now have had time to replay the evening’s talks, I keep returning to Carolyn’s remarks:  thoughtful, sincere, devoid of clichés, candid and clear.    If it was not apparent before she spoke that your success was in very large part dependent on your partnership with Carolyn, it was certainly clear after she spoke to everyone that you have in your marriage a treasure of incalculable worth.

We (meaning Mary and I, Debbie and Frank and Carlos and Diane and Rob and Shari) love you and Carolyn.    Again, personally, I know when I leave my office, among the treasures I will count of highest value, is the fact that our paths crossed, that our friendship blossomed and that I was able to see you deliver to the citizens in your community the very best health care possible in our country.   

This accomplishment, made possible by your partnership with Carolyn, has been a “calling”.   

I know I speak for everyone in Beaumont, at SETMA, at your School of Medicine and anyone who has worked with you that you have made the practice of medicine better by demonstrating that an evidence-based comprehensive delivery system is possible to accomplish in modern times.     And everyone whom you and Carolyn have touched counts themselves fortunate to know and love you both.

With great respect, admiration and affection,


William L. Henrich, MD, MACP

President and Professor of Medicine
The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229-3900

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