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In The News - The Dr. and Mrs. James L. Holly Distinguished Professorship
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The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio


The Dr. and Mrs. James L. Holly Distinguished Professorship

“….(The Distinguished Professorship) shall be a permanent endowment for the benefit of UTHSCSA. Funds distributed from the endowment shall be used to support and promote a model of patient-centered primary care and education. The Distinguished Professorship also will promote interdepartmental and interdisciplinary education, collaboration and practice-model development between Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and the School of Nursing’s advanced practice programs. As future gifts are received by UTHSCSA for this endowment, it is the Donors’ intent that the endowment title and purpose be redesignated to the highest level for which it qualifies.

“At the endowment inception, SETMA partners and associates include: Imtiaz Anwar, M.D.; Muhammad Aziz, M.D.; Bobbie Colbert, M.D.; Dean Halbert, M.D.; James L. Holly, M.D.; Alan Leifeste, M.D.; Vincent Murphy, M.D.; and Mark A. Wilson, M.D., co-founding partner in memoriam. Drs. Colbert, Holly, Halbert and Murphy are all graduated of the UTHSCSA School of Medicine.

“This endowment illustrates the commitment of Dr. James L. Holly, Class of 1973, and the Southeast Texas Medical Associates (“SETMA”) partners to provide the highest level of patient care to improve the quality of care for all patients. SETMA’s motto is “Healthcare Where Your Health Is the Only Care.” With this endowment, SETMA is one of the first practices in the nation to permanently endorse the patient-centered medical home model and serves as an example for the rest of the nation. The endowment will allow the UTHSCSA leadership to acknowledge and reward the same patient-centered aspects Dr. Holly and the SETMA partners have imbued in their own nationally-recognized clinical practice…”

From The Letter of Commitment

“What began as a commitment to establish an award for clinical excellence, has grown into a distinguished professorship to promote a patient-centered medical homes, the future of health care and the vision we share for the care for which your School of Medicine will be known. Your personal gift, the support by the SETMA Foundation and others whose admiration for you and your vision moves them to give, will create the first-in-the-country academic endowment focused on the patient-centered medical home model, a notable milestone in the history of our Health Science Center. Our aim to modernize clinical access and teaching tools in medicine will be accelerated because of your ongoing and munificent philanthropy.”

William L. Henrich, MD, MACP
University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio
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