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Diabetes Center of Excellence - Education
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Diabetes Education Program

SETMA’s Diabetes Self-Management Education Program is Nationally Recognized by the American Diabetes Association. *  Location:  3570 College Ste. 200, Beaumont, TX 77701

The following is the process for participants of the diabetes education program in accordance with the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association:

  • First Visit:  Initial assessment with the diabetes educator
  • Group sessions covering the ten content areas 
    • Diabetes 101 is an interactive session demonstrating what happens in the body with diabetes, discussion about how to cope with diabetes and stress, learning about what your blood glucose numbers mean and how to use these numbers to direct change and get better results.
    • Keep it Level is an instructional class to help you understand how to prevent, detect and treat acute complications such as high and low blood sugar and illness as well as understand how medications work to manage diabetes.
    • Mastering Meals is an interactive class that is designed to help you understand and use meal planning to control blood glucose as well as blood pressure.
    •  Stop the Damage is an instructional class about preventing long-term complications often related to diabetes as well as learning how to detect these complications and treat them if necessary.
  • Follow-up Post Group Sessions
  • Annual Update/Refresher Education as needed
  • REAL WORLD Diabetes: An interactive class for persons using insulin to manage blood glucose designed to create balance between one’s lifestyle and insulin needs.

Diabetes education is often times reimbursable by insurance.  Any questions related to billing should be directed to 833-9797 ext. 3162.
If you need to reschedule any of your classes please call 833-9797 ext 3450 or 3180.

Congratulations on taking steps to learn how to manage your diabetes and prevent complications!  We look forward to seeing you!     

Don’t forget!  The Diabetes Support Group meets every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 2pm.  Prize drawing every meeting!

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