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EPM Tools - Disease Management Tools
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Early in our EMR pilgrimage, SETMA transitioned to EPM - Electronic Patient Management. This transition resulted in our development of multiple disease management tools. To maximize their use, we developed tutorials for teaching all providers how to use these tools. These tutorials are more than "computer - how to" directions and are actually mini-courses on best practices and evidenced-based medicine for each of the conditions addressed.

Many of our Preventive Health Tools (see that section) were developed as a result of lessons which we learned in this process. The most prominent is SETMA's LESS Initiative. As we explored EPM, we realized that there were three life-style changes we wanted everyone to make, no matter what disease they had, and especially if they were not manifested the symptoms of any disease. We want them to:

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise
  • Stop Smoking

As a result, we devised the LESS Initiative. Every patient seen by SETMA, every day, is given a document which includes:

  • A weight management assessment
  • A personalized exercise plan
  • An analysis of their smoking or exposure to second-hand tobacco and a plan to stop

This will be address more completely later.

Each part of the Disease Management section has an introduction and then extensive information both on how to use SETMA's templates and how to treat each patient to goal.

  • Diabetes T
  • Lipids T
  • Lipid Quality Audit T
  • Hypertension T
  • Primary Pulmonary Hypertension T
  • CHF T
  • Angina T
  • Adult Weight management T
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome T
  • Asthma - no tutorial
  • Headache - no tutorial
  • Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome T
  • Renal Failure T

At present, the tools on Asthma, Headache and Renal Failure do not have tutorials developed. We will plan to add a tutorial for Renal Failure in the Spring of 2010, but do not plan at present to develop tutorials for asthma or headache.

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