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Public Reporting - PCPI Hypertension
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The Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement has identified 8 measures which represent the standard of care in the treatment of high blood pressure. While these measures do not define excellence in choosing the right medications to match a patient’s general health, they do represent a means of auditing if the steps of care are being taken. There are some measures which SETMA believes should be included in these and which we are therefore monitoring; these are:
  • Was the biceps measured and the size of the blood pressure cuff for each patient determined by a standard algorithm.
  • Was that size cuff used to measure the blood pressure.
  • Was the blood pressure taken with the patient sitting in a chair rather than on an examining table.
The following is SETMA's EMR display of the Consortium measure of physician responsibilities in blood pressure care. Click here to go to SETMA's Hypertension Disease Management Tutorial

SETMA PCPI Hypertension