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Suicide What Should We Do? 06/28/2018
Learning from the Death of a Parent 11/13/2014
What is the Right and Righteous Decision when the Brain is Dead but the Heart is Not 01/16/2014
Christmas AD 1949 and AD 1 12/25/2013
A Developmental History of SETMA Chapter 1 Part I Team Building 12/27/2012
Don’t Tie the Possum under the Desk Unless you can Control all of the Potential Consequences 12/20/2012
Anticipation, Expectation, Truth Telling 11/29/2012
Acceptance Address: Part I - University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, School of Medicine Distinguished Alumnus Award 2012 10/18/2012
Health & Stress: Prejudice, Hatred, Bitterness 07/19/2012
Remembering and important part of Health and Freedom 07/05/2012
Memories on the Dedication of the Auditorium 02/23/2012
Mental and Spiritual Health Require Our Standing for Goodness 09/15/2011
Shared Memories 06/30/2011
Medicine and the Value of Human Life 07/22/2010
Giving And Receiving The Lessons of Christmas 12/24/2009
Holidays, Traditions and Grandmothers 12/17/2009
You Can Get There But You have to Walk - Part II - ApoE and Alzheimer's Disease 10/01/2009
The Served as the Server 09/07/2009
The Hope of the Future of Medicine in Good Hands 07/30/2009
Seeking and Finding a Good Death 04/09/2009
Pursuing Excellence in Healthcare Delivery:Personal Mastery and Electronic Medical Records as Tools of Excellence 01/08/2009
Reach Out and Touch Someone this Season 12/18/2008
The Healing Touch 12/11/2008
My Compact with SETMA and My Health 12/06/2008
Metaphors for your Life 11/20/2008
Veterans Day: Remembering and Never Forgetting 11/11/2008
Sixty-Five and Counting 11/04/2008
Stress Disorders - Part IV Treatment of Stress Disorders 10/23/2008
Stress Disorders - Part III Diagnosing Stress Disorders 10/16/2008
Stress Disorders - Part II Causes of Stress and Anxiety 10/09/2008
Stress Disorders - Part I Stress, Anxiety, Illness 10/02/2008
Your Healthcare Found in Your Caring for Others 09/11/2008
Memories Part III Learning: It Can Be Fun 07/10/2008
Memories Part II Learning: The Gift of Remembering and of Being Remembered 06/27/2008
Memories Part I: Storing and Sharing 06/19/2008
Seeking and Finding a "Good Death" 04/04/2008
Reformation - Resolution - Restoration - Redemption 12/27/2007
What Makes You a Human Being 12/20/2007
The Gift of Reconcilation: The Healthiest Act of your life 12/13/2007
Universal Values and Muslim Democracy Part II 07/12/2007
Universal Values and Muslim Democracy Part I 07/05/2007
Learning and Accidents - Changes which improve your heath 05/17/2007
Relating to Others with Dignity and Respect 01/04/2007
Christmas Gifting 12/21/2006
The Comfort of Grief: When there are no tears - There are memories 10/05/2006
Memories of Hurricane Rita and Mental Health 09/21/2006
Celebration of Religious Freedom 06/29/2006
Father's Day, 2006
The Father and the Son
Stress and Health 11/17/2005
Grief: Good Grief 11/10/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part X - Psychosocial Stress 09/01/2005
Healthy Aging: Integrity and Wisdom 11/04/2004
Omega 3 Oils: Part III: Depression and Mental Health 03/20/2003
Happiness is The Best Medicine 01/30/2003
Alzheimer's Disease: Is There Anything You can Do? 11/14/2002
Faith and Health - Prayer and Healing 11/15/2001
Alzheimer's Disease: Part II: Causes and Treatments 08/23/2001
Thoughts About Things - The Holocaust 01/08/1998