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Public Reporting - Patient Satisfaction Survey
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As part of our Public Reporting initiative, SETMA will also be reporting our Patient-Satisfaction-Survey results. The issues which we audit in this tool are seen on the first results reported below. No one likes to know that someone does not think they are doing a good job, but until the facts are faced, improvement cannot follow.

The truth is there will always be some who for good or bad reasons don't like the care they receive, but when "Excellent" and "Very good" satisfaction scores on the most important issues are in the high 80% and low 90%, while we always want to improve, we know that we are going in the right direction.

It is our hope that the accountability of this measuring being publicly reported will encourage all of our patients and colleagues that we are serious about transforming the process of healthcare delivery, part of which transformation will come from transparency.

The survey is done anonymously
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