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Senior Medical Student Externship - Introduction to SETMA’s Senior Externship and Syllabus
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The seven-part syllabus for SETMA’s Senior Medical Student Externship is outlined below.  The syllabus contains only a small portion of SETMA’s electronic medical record tools, presentations, awards, articles and history.  All of SETMA’s work is detailed at  We refer to ourselves as the “healthcare exhibitionists,” if we have done it, it is on our website.  Our work includes our association with the Diabetes Center of Excellence, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the American Board of Family Practice, the Johnson and Johnson Company, IBM, HIMSS and numerous other organizations. 

Ten years ago, SETMA was asked to define our ultimate goal.  With humility and recognition of our limitations in this regard, we cautiously said, “Our goal is to help change how healthcare is delivered in America.”  Through our transformative use of electronic medical records, morphed into electronic patient management, hopefully we have made a small but important contribution to that process.

Nothing could be more satisfying in SETMA’s history and advancement than the opportunity to be entrusted with introducing senior medical students and soon residents in internal medicine and family medicine to the practical applications of best practices, evidence-based medicine, informatics and analytics.  We are three days before the arrival of the first student to our externship and we could not be more delighted.

This syllabus will evolve and our understanding of how we can improve students’ experience at SETMA will grow; but, our commitment to excellence in healthcare and our belief in our responsibility to contribute to the training of the next generation of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians and other healthcare colleagues will remain constant.

The course objectives for SETMA’s Senior Medical Student Externship are to identify, describe and define:

  • The critical role of primary care in healthcare Transformation.
  • Why the future of healthcare is dependent upon primary care.
  • Why the only segment of medicine which can effect sustainable change is primary care.
  • Why the best and the brightest will find the greatest fulfillment in primary care.

This syllabus includes the following sections and content:

Section I - This History and Philosophy of SETMA

    Part 1. SETMA’s Mission Statement
    Part 2.  This Introduction to the Syllabus
    Part 3.  SETMA’s Accreditations and Recognitions
    Part 4.  SETMA’s History
    Part 5.  SETMA’s Model of Care
    Part 6.  SETMA’s Most Recent Innovation - The Automated Team

SECTION II - Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to Electronic Patient Management

    Part 1.  More Than a Transcription Service m - Published by SETMA in 1999
    Part 2.  Systems Thinking in the design of EMR Tools  
    Part 3.  Electronic Patient Management
    Part 4.  Chronic Problem List Reconciliation

SECTION III - Population Management

    Part 1.  Fulfilling IHI’s Triple Aim
    Part 2.  Importance of Data Analytics
    Part 3.  Transitions of Care
    Part 4.  Transition of Care PCPI Audit
    Part 5.  Transitions of Care Management Coding

SECTION IV - Disease Management Tools

    Part 1.  Diabetes
    Part 2.  Lipids
    Part 3.  Hypertension
    Part 4.  Cardiometabolic Risk
    Part 5.  Adult Weight Management

SECTION V - Preventive Management Tools

    Part 1.  LESS Initiative (Published by AHRQ on their Innovation Exchange)
    Part 2.  Exercise Prescription
    Part 3.  Diabetes Prevention
    Part 4.  Hypertension Prevention

SECTION VI - Risk Stratification

    Part 1.  Framingham Risk Scores and the “What If Scenario”
    Part 2.  HCC Risk Scores

SECTION VII - Unique Functions

    Part 1.  Electronic Tickler File
    Part 2.  Future Lab Orders
    Part 3.  Reportable Infectious Diseases
    Part 4.  Hydration Assessment