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Public Reporting - SETMA Lipid Audit
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At present, none of the publishers or endorsers of quality measures has identified a comprehensive, quality measure set for the treatment of Lipid Disorders (cholesterol and triglycerides). Because this is such a critical aspect of the treatment of many other disorders such as diabetes and because of the importance of stratifying the cardiovascular risk for all patients, SETMA has designed its own measurement set and is encouraging others to adopt it and/or to establish an official set which we can adopt.

Because risk stratification is key to how aggressively a patient should be treated, it is a key part of SETMA's measurement set. As with all of SETMA’s monitoring of quality measures the auditing tool is automatically completed without the provider having to enter the elements of the tool.

The following is the display of SETMA’s Lipid Audit in our EMR. It identifies what we believe is important in the treatment of lipid disorders. Click here for more information on SETMA's Lipids Treatment.

SETMA Lipid Audit

Public Reporting

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