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Medical Home - 2009 Medical Home Series I
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Medical Home Part I:  Is it the future of healthcare? February 19, 2009
A description of the principles and functions of a Medical Home. Why is Medical Home important?

Medical Home Part II:  What is it? February 26, 2009
Ten days after first learning about Medical Home, this article displays and describes SEMTA's Medical Home Coordination Review template. Building on the "home metaphor”,” seven characteristics of a "home” are Examined in learning about the "medical home.”

Medical Home Part III Requirement Number 1 of 28 March 3, 2009
A letter welcoming SETMA's patients to their "medical home.”

Medical Home Part IV:  Help and Hope in Healthcare March 12, 2009
What is required to become a Medical Home; first thoughts.

Medical Home Part V: Healthcare Education and Delivery: Essential Changes Needed in Both March 19, 2009
Changing roles of the healthcare team members in the Medical Home.

Medical Home Part VI:  Evidenced-Based Medicine: Defines the Standards and Structure of Care April 16, 2009
Quality Metrics and the Medical Home

Letter Approved by CMS for sending to Medicare Recipients about Medical Home March 2009
Letter to patients approved by CMS.

Medical Home Part VII:  Reporting of Quality Measures Performance April 23, 2008
Published Quality Metrics sets and SETMA's Medical Home. SETMA Templates for tracking, auditing and analyzing Quality metrics.

Medical Home Part VIII:  Why is Medical Home Called Patient-Centered Medical Home? May 21, 2009
A description of "patient-centeredness.” The concepts of "intentional” And "incidental” metric tracking.

Medical Home Part IX  Radical Changes in Healthcare Delivery May 28, 2009
A description of National Committee for Quality Assurance's (NCQA) Standards for recognition as a medical home.

Medical Home Part X A Summation of the Beginning of a Journey June 4, 2009
An update on SETMA's progress, four months into the Transformation of SETMA into a Medical Home.

The Place of Patient-Centered Medical Home in the Future of Healthcare Delivery July 23, 2009
SETMA's history in moving toward being a medical home.