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Prescribing Pain Medications: A Conundrum for Patient and Provider 08/20/2015
Hospice and Palliative Care 2015 08/13/2015
A Series of Questions about PC-MH Part II 05/28/2015
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations 02/19/2015
HEDIS@: Measuring Quailty for Medicare Advantage and Accountable Care Organizations Part II 02/12/2015
The Ultimate Gift 01/15/2015
A Review of 2014 and What We Expect for 2015 01/08/2015
The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative and SETMA 11/20/2014
Ebola: Lessons from Dallas and Facts about Ebola 11/06/2014
Ebola and Public Health 10/30/2014
SETMA: Ebola, EMR Herd Immunity and Ethics 10/23/2014
Certificate of Appreciation: Centers for Disease Control 10/16/2014
Questions about SETMA 09/04/2014
SETMA and Meaningful Use: Outline of SETMA’s Deployment Part I 08/14/2014
What Should SETMA Expect in 2014? 01/23/2014
May 25, 2013 Commencement Address for University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Health Professions 05/16/2013
Hypertension: Fulfilling Quailty Metrics 01/10/2013
Acceptance Address: Part II - University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, School of Medicine Distinguished Alumnus Award 2012 10/25/2012
Acceptance Address: Part I - University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, School of Medicine Distinguished Alumnus Award 2012 10/18/2012
Lessons Learned by a Health Educator 05/24/2012
We May Not Have the Same Goals: Remembering Mark A. Wilson, MD 03/22/2012
Memories on the Dedication of the Auditorium 02/23/2012
When Is the Last Time, the Last Time? 12/29/2011
Shared Memories 06/30/2011
Futility and Entitlement: The Danger to Physicians in the Future of Medicine 06/16/2011
True May 30, 1996 - True June 2011 06/09/2011
I don’t participate in a High Risk Behavior for HIV; why should I be tested? 06/02/2011
Texas State Reportable Infectious Diseases: A Systems Solution to the Problem of Reporting 05/26/2011
Things I Would Like To Tell my Friend 03/24/2011
Christmas Eve Eve 12/23/2010
Framingham Risk Scores and "What-If?" Scenarios 12/16/2010
Joslin Diabetes Center and SETMA's Diabetes Prevention Program 09/30/2010
SETMA Recognized as Tier 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home by National Committee for Quality Assurance 09/16/2010
Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at SETMA, LLP and NCQA Diabetes Recognition Program 09/09/2010
A New Day in Health Care for You and for Us - Part IV - Are Quality Metrics a Good Part of the Future of Healthcare? 08/19/2010
A New Day in Healthcare for You and for Us - Part II – NextGen Health Information@ Exchange (HIE@)) 08/05/2010
A New Day in Healthcare for You and for Us - Part I - NextMD 07/29/2010
Medicine and the Value of Human Life 07/22/2010
SETMA: A portrait versus a silhouette 07/15/2010
Vacation and Raccoons: Avoiding Rabies 07/08/2010
Health and Freedom: Remembering 07/01/2010
Learning Shema Target Theory Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors 06/24/2010
AHRQ - Ethnic Disparatiens in Care 06/17/2010
Quality of Care and Healthcare Reform 06/10/2010
The SETMA Model of Care - Diabetes - Precision Medicine, Quality Performance 06/03/2010
Changing Patient Behavior with Risk Assessment 05/27/2010
Patient-Centered Medical Home: The Power of Data in Designing the future of healthcare 05/20/2010
Eliminating Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Care 05/13/2010
Technology and Humanity: The Critical Balance in 21st Century Healthcare 05/06/2010
Designing a Quality Initiative: How? Hospital Re-admissions 04/29/2010
Mark A. Wilson, MD - One Year Later 03/23/2010
County Health Rankings - Part II - Quality of Care - What Will Be Gained by Public Reporting 03/04/2010
County Health Rankings - Part I - Jefferson County’s Results and what it means 02/26/2010
Plan of Care and Treatment Plan - Chronic Renal Disease 01/21/2010
Life, Solitaire and Healthcare 01/14/2010
Giving And Receiving The Lessons of Christmas 12/24/2009
Holidays, Traditions and Grandmothers 12/17/2009
Alcohol in health and in hearth 11/19/2009
Healthcare Change - Foundational Ideas 11/12/2009
The Served as the Server 09/07/2009
A Plea for the Children 09/03/2009
Healthcare Policy Issues Part III - Reforming or Transforming Healthcare 08/20/2009
Healthcare Policy Issues Part II - Reality, Responsibility and Rights 08/13/2009
Rationing Health Care vs. Rational Healthcare 08/06/2009
The Hope of the Future of Medicine in Good Hands 07/30/2009
The Place of Patient-Centered Medical Home in the Future of Healthcare Delivery 07/23/2009
Population Perspective: Adult Diabetes in Southeast Texas Inter-professional Collaboration and Health Outcomes 07/16/2009
An Analysis and Response to President Obama's Health Care Reform Address to the American Medical Association: Part IV - My Healthcare Reform 07/09/2009
An Analysis and Response to President Obama's Health Care Reform Address to the American Medical Association: Part III 07/02/2009
An Analysis and Response to President Obama's Health Care Reform Address to the American Medical Association: Part II 06/25/2009
An Analysis and Response to President Obama's Health Care Reform Address to the American Medical Association: Part I 06/18/2009
SETMA Renames SETMA West Clinic 06/11/2009
Can More Care Provide Less Health? 05/14/2009
The Vocabulary of Infectious Disease 05/07/2009
What Are Epidemics, Pandemics, and Outbreaks? 04/30/2009
The Swine Flu and You 04/27/2009
INFLUENZA: Pigs, People and Public Health 04/26/2009
Medical Home Part VI: Evidenced Based Medicine Defines the Standard and the Structure of Care 04/16/2009
Seeking and Finding a Good Death 04/09/2009
We will never forget 04/02/2009
Remembering My Friend 03/26/2009
Medical Home Part V: Healthcare Education and Delivery: Essential Changes Needed in Both 03/19/2009
Medical Home Part IV: Help and Hope in Healthcare 03/12/2009
Medical Home Part III: Requirement Number 1 of 28 03/03/2009
Medical Home Part II: What is it? 02/26/2009
Medical Home Part I: Is it the future of healthcare? 02/19/2009
Reach Out and Touch Someone this Season 12/18/2008
The Healing Touch 12/11/2008
For Your Stories: I Was There - Was There 11/27/2008
November 4, 1943 - November 4, 2008 10/30/2008
Health and Freedom: Remembering 07/03/2008
Pandemic V: Air Quality in Your Home - HEPA Filters 06/12/2008
Pandemic IV: World Health Organization (WHO) Recommendations 06/05/2008
Pandemic Part III: What can and what should I do? 05/29/2008
Pandemic II: Medical Ethics and Planning for a Pandemic which overwhelms the health-care delivery system 05/22/2008
Pandemic Part I: Exclusion Criteria for Critical Care during a Pandemic 05/15/2008
Why Beaumont Does Not Need and Should not Have a Third Hospital 04/17/2008
Seeking and Finding a "Good Death" 04/04/2008
Black History: Remembering Great Black Men 02/21/2008
Physical Activity and Public Health in Older Adults: 02/14/2008
Preventive Health: Am I Receiving Excellent Care? 02/07/2008
Hypertension - Part II: Am I Receiving Excellent Care? 01/31/2008
Has Anyone Seen My Old Firend Martin? 01/24/2008
Hypertension - Part I: Am I Receiving Excellent Care? 01/17/2008
Framing the Discussion of How to Solve the Nation's Health Care Problems 11/29/2007
Lessons Learned From a Tree: Principles of Change to Improve Your Health 11/15/2007
Lessons from a Tree:Excellence in the Practice of Medicine; Excellence in Being a Patient 11/08/2007
Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy? Part IV 10/18/2007
Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy? Part III 10/11/2007
Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy? Part II 10/04/2007
Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy? Part I 09/27/2007
Evidence-Based Guidelines for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Women 09/20/2007
Physical Activity and Public Health - Part I 09/06/2007
Facts About Hair Loss 08/16/2007
How to survive your hospital stay! 08/09/2007
Quantifying Global Cardiovascular Risk: American Heart Association Statement 07/26/2007
Healthcare Policy and Hope Part II 06/28/2007
Healthcare Policy and Hope 06/21/2007
Father's Day and Healthcare Policy: How Are They Related? 06/14/2007
It's Personal Now: West Nile Virus 05/10/2007
Is America's Health Care System "Sick"? 04/19/2007
Prescription Drug Abuse Part III - Texas Medical Board Rule 170 03/22/2007
Prescription Drug Abuse Part II Introduction continued 03/15/2007
Prescription Drug Abuse Part I Introduction 03/08/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part XI - Healthy Eating: The Age of Nutrionism 02/22/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part X: Inflammation Altered by Diet 02/15/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part IX: Pro-inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory Diet 02/08/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part VIII: C - Reactive Protein 02/01/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part VII: Inflammation - chronic, low-grade 01/25/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome: Part VI: Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor I 01/18/2007
Cardiometabolic Risk Syndrome Part IV: Endothelium Dysfunction 12/28/2006
American Heart Association 2006 Revised Dietary Recommendations 09/07/2006
Sunscreen and Skin Cancer 07/06/2006
Father's Day, 2006
The Father and the Son
Omega 3 Fish Oil - The JELIS Study 04/27/2006
Influenza Pandemic Part III - Protection of my family 04/20/2006
Influenza Pandemics Part I: Definitions and Concepts 04/13/2006
Influenza Pandemics Part II - Assumptions in the HHS Plan for Dealing with a Pandemic 04/13/2006
Spanning the Specialties to Bring You the Best Standards 02/13/2006
Avian Flu: What is the Risk? 12/01/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part XIV - Gender - Part 2 09/29/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part XIII - Gender - Part 1 09/22/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part XV - Addendum: Questions and Answers About Estrogen Replacement and Heart Diesase 09/22/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part XII - Insulin Resistance 09/15/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part XI - Age 09/08/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part IX - Family History 08/25/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part VIII - C-Reactive Protein 08/18/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part VII - Combined Factors which Begin in Childhood 08/11/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part VI - Hypertension 08/04/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Part V - Cholesterol 07/28/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part IV - Smoking 07/21/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part II - Sedentary Life Style 06/30/2005
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Part I - Introduction 06/23/2005
SETMA to implement the HHS Quality Measures for hospitalized patients with heart attacks, heart failure and pneumonia 04/05/2005
Women and Heart Disease Prevention 03/31/2005
Exercise: Progressive Resistance Training (PRT) and Health 03/24/2005
Less Initiative: SETMA's Initiative Confirmed by Medical Journals 03/22/2005
Health: Twelve Facts for Improving Your Health 03/17/2005
Hypertension: Part I Insulin Resistance and Oxidative Stress 03/10/2005
Women and Heart Disease: Congestive Heart Failure 03/01/2005
Women and Heart Disease: Hormone Replacement Therapy 03/01/2005
Women and Heart Disease: It can be prevented! 03/01/2005
Women and Heart Disease: Primary Prevention 03/01/2005
Women and Heart Disease: Hormone Usage 03/01/2005
Women and Heart Disease: Testing Guidelines 03/01/2005
Hypertension: Pre-Hypertension -- What Is It? 02/24/2005
Tobacco -- Appeal for Banning 01/13/2005
Medications: What Time of Day Should I take my medications? 12/30/2004
Less Initiative: SETMA 12/09/2004
Alcohol and Brain Damage 12/02/2004
Health Illiteracy: Not Knowing What Your Doctor Said 11/18/2004
Healthy Aging: Integrity and Wisdom 11/04/2004
Flu -- Can't Get the Shot? 10/28/2004
Healthy Aging -- Part IV 10/21/2004
Healthy Aging -- Part III 10/14/2004
Healthy Aging -- Part II 10/07/2004
Healthy Aging -- Part I 09/30/2004
Tobacco: Not Smoking but Inhaling 09/09/2004
Metabolic Syndrome: The Disharmonious Quartet 08/19/2004
Health and Hope - Value and Virtue 07/15/2004
Hypertension: Part V: Dash Diet Continued 07/08/2004
Hypertension: Part IV: The DASH Diet 07/07/2004
Hypertension: Part III: What Can I Do? - Continued 06/24/2004
Hypertension: Part II: What Can I Do? 06/17/2004
Hypertension: Part I: What is Your Hypertension IQ? 06/10/2004
Metabolic Syndrome: Part II 06/03/2004
Metabolic Syndrome: Part I: What is it and what can I do about it? 05/27/2004
Activities of Daily Living and Exercise: Walking For Health 05/20/2004
Heart Evaluation: Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) 04/15/2004
My Personal Supplement Regimen 03/18/2004
Women and Vascular Disease: You, Me, Sisters, Moms and Grandmothers 03/11/2004
Obesity: Fat and Fit 03/04/2004
Exercise - Getting Started: Part III 02/19/2004
Exercise - Getting Started: Part II 02/12/2004
Exercise - Getting Started: Part I 02/05/2004
Glutathione and Oxidative Stress: Part III: Whey and Glutathione 10/30/2003
Glutathione-and-Oxidative-Stress: Part II 10/23/2003
Glutathione and Oxidative Stress: Part I 10/17/2003
Indole-3-Carbinol and Breast Cancer: Good Science, Good Medicine, Good Grief 08/28/2003
Blood Tests: What Do All These Laboratory Numbers Mean 07/10/2003
Women's Health - Self Care at Any Age 05/22/2003
A Healthy Woman is a Fit Woman 05/01/2003
Preventive Health Screening for Women: What to have When 04/17/2003
Steps to Good Health - Men and Women ages 21-64 04/03/2003
Coumadin: The Story of a Drug 12/05/2002
Exercise: Something Is Better Than Nothing 10/03/2002
Health: A Matter of Choices for Good Health 09/19/2002
Hypertension: Isolated Systolic 08/22/2002
Depression: Diagnosing and Treating 06/27/2002
Colorectal Cancer: Screening 06/06/2002
Cholesterol, Hypertension, Diabetes: The Silent Killers 04/11/2002
Back Pain: Treatment of Low Back Pain 02/14/2002
Back Pain: Lumbar Disc Disease and Spinal Stenosis 02/07/2002
Smallpox - What You Should Know 11/01/2001
So much information, so many experts, who to believe? 09/21/2001
Women and Heart Disease: Fitness 04/26/2001
Women and Heart Disease 04/19/2001
Summertime Emergencies: Part II 03/29/2001
Summertime Emergencies: Part I 03/22/2001
Meningitis: New Caney, Crosby, Mauriceville - Close to Home! Should I Be Worried? 02/08/2001
Flu: What is the Flu? 12/28/2000
Heart Disease: Managing Cardiac Risk Factors 12/14/2000
Allergic Rhinitis:The Dread of Southeast Texas 11/30/2000