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EPM Tools - Hypertension Prevention Tutorial
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Hypertension Prevention

This is the third hyperlink at the top of AAA Home and represents the completion of SETMA's Preventive Health Initiative which includes:

Preventing Hypertension

The Preventing Hypertension template is divided into four sections from top to bottom.

  • Pre-hypertension
  • Assessment as to whether this patient is pre-hypertensive with the patient's blood pressure
  • Risk Factors for Developing hypertension and a list of ways which answer the question, "How can I reduce my risk?"
  • Medications Causing Hypertension
Pre-hypertension - the first section
  • This top section gives three important facts about pre-hypertension

    1. Definition
    2. Significance
    3. Lifetime risk of developing hypertension

Preventing Hypertension

  • To the right side and above this section, there is a hyperlink entitled, "Contributing Causes to Hypertension"

Preventing Hypertension

  1. When accessed this pop-up gives seven contributing causes to hypertension.
  2. Knowledge of these is critical to the prevention of hypertension. They are:

    1. Smoking
    2. Stress
    3. Obesity
    4. High Salt Intake
    5. Heavy Drinking
    6. Heredity
    7. Female Gender

Preventing Hypertension

  1. These, along with additional details about each, print on the document generated by this template.

"Is This Patient Pre-hypertensive?" and the patient's blood pressure - the second section

  • From the patient's measured blood pressure, the EMR automatically determines if the patient is pre-hypertensive
  • That determination is noted on the template and on the chart note.

Preventing Hypertension

Risk Factors for Developing hypertension and a list of ways which answer the question, "How can I reduce my risk?" - The third section

  • There is a list of 13 risk factors for the development of hypertension
  • To the right, there is a list of seven steps which can be taken to prevent hypertension

    1. Within these seven there are links to the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) Diet materials and to the Low Sodium materials.
    2. These auto print when accessed and the fact that you have given the material to the patient appears on the document for Preventing Hypertension.
    3. It will be noted that three of the seven elements of preventing hypertension, are identical to three of the elements for preventing diabetes, which are THE three elements of the LESS Initiative: lose weight, exercise, stop smoking.

Preventing Hypertension

Medications Causing Hypertension - the fourth section at the bottom

Preventing Hypertension

  • When assessed the pop-up which is launched by clicking on the button entitled "Medications Causing Hypertension".
  • This list is of benefit if:

    1. A patient has a sudden increase in their blood pressure
    2. A patient has blood pressure which is difficult to control
    3. A patient is pre-hypertensive and steps are being taken to prevent the development of hypertension.

  • When the box next to any of the medications is checked that medication will appear on the chart note under the heading "Medications Causing Hypertension."

Preventing Hypertension

When this template and the note are completed, all elements of SETMA's Preventive Health Initiative have been completed. Congratulations, you can affirmatively, with proof, assert that you are giving excellent care to your patients.