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About SETMA - SETMA’s Mission Statement
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To build a multi-specialty clinic in Southeast Texas which is worthy of the trust of every patient who seeks our help with their health, and to promote excellence in healthcare delivery by example.

(The origin of this mission statement is worth noting.  In October of 1997, two of the co-founding partners of SETMA attended the Medical Group Management Association’s (MGMA) annual meeting in Washington, D.C.  Drs. Mark Wilson and James L. Holly also attended a one- day, pre-conference on “strategic planning.”  As the two left one session, Dr. Wilson, addressing Dr. Holly, commented, “You know, Larry, our goals may not be the same.” 

SETMA had only been founded two years and two months before and while we were gratified by how much we had accomplished, as evidenced by the dialogue which had taken place in this pre-conference, we were still feeling our way along in personal relationships and team building.

In response to his comment Dr. Holly said to Dr. Wilson, “Mark, you may be right; what is your goal?”   After Dr. Wilson stated his goals, Dr. Holly opened his notebook and showed him a statement outlined in bold ink.  The statement incredibly was word for word what Dr. Wilson had said.  At that moment, we knew that our mission was clear and that the future of SETMA was secure.  SETMA has never deviated from this mission statement’s spirit and intent.)