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Public Reporting - SETMA's Audit for Quality Improvement for Chronic Renal Disease Stages I, II, III
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When the AMA's Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (PCPI) adopted a measurement set for Chronic Renal Disease, they focused on Stage IV and V. As is seen in this Public Reporting section of our website, CMS' Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) adopted the PCPI measurement set without modification. While the measurement set on Stages IV and V is obviously important in order to take timely and appropriate steps to prepare a patient for renal replacement therapy, it does not address the quality of care received by patients with Stages I, II or III. And, it does not address the steps which could delay the progress of renal disease.

As a result, SETMA has developed its own Chronic Renal Disease Measurement Set for Chronic Renal Disease Stages I, II and III. That set is seen below. It addresses:
  1. The conditions which contribute to renal disease
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Obesity
    • Hyperlipidemia
    • Inactivity
    • Smoking
    • Cardiovascular disease
  2. The conditions which are the result of renal disease
    • Anemia
    • Bone disorders
    • Malnutrition
  3. The preventive health issues which can be beneficial for patients with renal disease
    • Immunizations
    • Medical nutrition therapy
    • Dietary modification
Finally, the audit measures whether are not the patient has been given a written, personalized Plan of Care and Treatment Plan which enables the patient to "take charge" of his/her care and to make certain that he/she is receiving all of the care which is needed.

It is SETMA's hope that this measurement set may serve as a stimulus for agencies such as PCPI, NQF, AQA, PQRS or others to design and publish a measurement set for Chronic Renal Disease Stages I, II, III. We think that our quality measurement set is a good start in that process.


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