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EPM Tools - Nursing Home
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The Nursing Home is a unique place to practice medicine. The special needs of patients in the nursing home provide an opportunity for electron patient management to raise the standard and the level of that care. SETMA's nursing home service team provides an excellent level of care in that all patient management is done through the EMR.

SETMA has design a special suite of templates for the nursing home. These templates address the five most difficult problems faced in long-term residential patient care:

  • Hydration T
  • Nutrition T
  • Fall RiskT
  • Skin CareT
  • DepressionT

SETMA has designed special templates for each of these concerns and these templates are used in many other places in SETMA's electronic patient management. This is one of the great strengths of EPM - a solution to a problem in one setting, can be used in all other settings where that same problem occurs.

With the use of the EMR and with the continuity of care provided with EPM, SETMA has reduced nursing home patients' admission from a national standard of 7-10% to below 3.5%. This shows the power of EPM not only for quality of care but also for reducing the cost of that care.

In addition to the above functions, this section will review SETMA's set of Guidelines for 28 common circumstances and conditions which occur in long-term care settings.

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